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We serve the Aerospace, Medical, Military, Commercial, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, LED Lighting and a comprehensive range of additional industries. At Out of the Box Manufacturing, we have the experience, hands-on knowledge, and innovation to handle the component assembly needs of nearly every industry. Contact our team today to find out how Out of the Box Manufacturing is the right contract manufacturer for your business.


Serving the aerospace industry as a versatile contract manufacturer.


Flawless manufacturing quality and consistently on-time deliveries all at a competitive price.


Our expert engineering, management, and production techs ensure that assemblies are built right every time.


Our team strives to make your job easy by providing fast, friendly, and competent service.


Our component assembly process strictly adheres to the highest standards of quality.

LED Lighting

Our innovative approach to component assembly manufactures the highest quality products.


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Out of the Box Manufacturing offers our customers an innovative approach to component assembly designed to manufacturer the highest quality, most dependable products that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.